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PINK FLOYD TRIBUTE - a surrogate band

In all my spare time (haha) I've been putting together a tribute band to PINK FLOYD, and we are finally ready to come blow minds and melt faces.

A Surrogate Band - an Evening of Pink Floyd is a unique breed of tribute band. In addition to your standard live rock ensemble, computers and a programmer are utilized to bring the entire Pink Floyd sound to life.

Just as the Floyd pushed the technological envelope in their time, A Surrogate Band uses all means of technology available to recreate the most accurate Floyd sound a four-piece tribute band possibly can.

On a small stage, we create a giant sound, full of all the sound efx and orchestrations you require in your Floyd. We've got the video screen as well, completing the large arena experience on the smaller theater stage.

But enough of my yammering. Just come experience it. If you're a PF fan, you will not be dissappointed.

The first opportunity to see the band perform live will be at the 10th annual Apple Valley / Stoddard Wells Desert Party, on Saturday May 30th. Details HERE.

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