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Tom contributes to the new Greg Segal album "Invisible Ground of Sympathy"

So a few months ago, I was asked by musical madman Greg Segal (of Paper Bag, and countless other projects) to participate in a "collaborations" album he was preparing...or, preparing to prepare.

Segal wrote this:

"If you decide you want to participate, Dropbox or WeTransfer me a WAV file, between 2-5 minutes in length, of you doing something. Doing what? Whatever you like. Playing an instrument, reading poetry, singing, ambient noise, anything...I will then add to the track until I feel there's a finished piece. Your original track will be the centerpiece and prominent in the mix, if I do things correctly (and I will certainly try). Writer's credits will go to you and me on each submission."

I've been a fan of Greg's independent releases for some years now (been spinning his "BIRDS" record again lately) - so I jumped at the opportunity.

I had worked on a piece I was calling "Wicked Something" for poisondarts.

I decided to hand it to Greg instead.

I'm glad it made the cut.

Stoked to have been a part of this recording. Thanks Greg, and kudos!

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